Aisha McShaw is a luxury womenswear made-to-order brand designed by Aisha McShaw. Aisha's mission as the CEO of her namesake brand is to empower women. With over 10 years in the banking industry, she diverged into the world of fashion to follow her passion. She began her fashion journey as a stylist, styling housewives, corporate women, celebrities, and attending numerous red carpet events herself. Influenced by old Hollywood glamour, she wanted to create timeless pieces for herself that she did not see on the market. 

Aisha's design career started with the help of an experienced pattern-maker who brought her designs to life. Through Aisha's experiences as a stylist, she developed an understanding of how a garment should fit on a woman. With her strong attention to details and appreciation for quality fabrics, each of Aisha McShaw's designs are created out of love. Pieces are elegant yet comfortable to wear. With a wide range of pieces, the brand caters to successful women of all ages.

As a made-to-order brand, our goal is to help women feel their most confident self when wearing a piece from Aisha McShaw. Through communication with our clients, we can create a wardrobe of perfectly fitting timeless pieces for you to wear year after year as well as garments designed specifically just for you to wear to events. Please reach out to us if you would like to place a personalised order.

All our pieces are made with love in New York City. We wanted to use our website to broaden our clientele to women all over the world who would like to own an Aisha McShaw designed garment.