Fashion designer Aisha McShaw was drawn to design through art at an early age. After
11 years in the banking industry, she diverged into the world of fashion to follow her
passion. She began her fashion journey as a stylist, and often attends red carpet events
in her own designs. Aisha debuted her first collection during 2018 New York Fashion
Week and received recognition for Best Looks NYFW Spring 2018. The brand has
blossomed ever since.

During the height of the pandemic, Aisha was inspired by the world around her to
reassess the purpose of her designs and business from made-to-order to ready-to-wear.
With this new transition, Aisha McShaw is still able to create elegant yet comfortable
designs made with true quality and care, while providing her customers with an effortless
and pleasurable shopping experience.

It is Aisha’s hope that her brand allows her customers to feel alive, fearless and inspired.